Meal Planning for the Year of Healing

January 1 marks a year of healing for our family. While we aren’t exactly sure what that means throughout the year and for each family member we are doing lots of meal planning and goal setting to prepare. Our inspiration comes from the GAPS protocol, Gut Thrive, Whole 30, Paleo, Wellness Mama, old-time wisdom and almost a decade of personal experience. Mostly, we are inspired by food that can be grown right here in Kentucky. Want a glimpse of what that looks like?

Here’s our starting point. This is where healing begins for us. Dark circles under eyes, bloating, mental fog, cravings, anxiety, irritability, fatigue all disappear when we eat well and often. The NMA Farm Food Planner was designed to walk folks through the seasons with a focus on what’s grown close to home and accountability with what’s being eaten at every meal. Follow along, share, and sign up for {Notes from the Farm} for more details.

January Meal Goals:
Lemon water every morning
Broth at every meal
Herbal tea with honey (between meals)
2-3 servings Green juice or Cooked Vegetables daily
3 servings beef, pork, chicken, fish or eggs
1-2 servings root vegetables, winter squash, berries, green apples, citrus daily
Healthy fats at each meal

Daily Meal Example:
Before Breakfast-lemon water
Breakfast-Broth, Bacon, Citrus
Herbal tea with honey, water
Lunch-Chicken Zoodle Soup
Herbal tea with honey, water
Dinner-Broth, roast with root crops & buttered broccoli
Chamomile tea before bed

You will notice there are a few food groups missing, but we choose to focus on what we can eat rather than what we are eliminating. It keeps us focused on options and achieving goals.  What we love most about eating this way is that it posts back to the food we grow here in Kentucky.  Proteins like beef, pork, chicken, dairy & eggs.  Tons of nutritious veggies like Swiss chard, collards, cabbage, kale, mustard greens, Brussel sprouts and a few starches like sweet potatoes, carrots, and turnips.  In fact, that’s how I plan most of our meals.  Select a protein adding at least one vegetable to each meal and occasionally a starch.  It keeps things simple and helps us keep sugar cravings down and energy up.  We hope you will continue following along with us as we put the NMA Farm Food Planner to good use and focus on healing in the coming year.

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