December 19th {inspiration for meal planning}

We’ve got a lovely double share for the week of Christmas.  We always take off the week of Christmas so we double up for our customers.  In addition to an extra large basket of fruits and veggies our weekly customers are also getting pecans, corn meal, cranberries, a whole chicken, sausage balls (from My Sunshine), and JD Country Milk.

I’m taking advantage of the week off and some new goals for 2016 to begin documenting my process for ensuring that we eat as many of the farm fresh foods available to us each week.  I start with a list of the foods that are available to me, search the internet and my favorite cookbooks for recipes, and then take than inspiration to make quick and easy meals with what I already have on hand.  I hope that your holidays are filled with good food and loving friends and family.

Check back in each week for my list of inspiration as well as my own variations that work for our busy, full time farming family of six.


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