“How-To” Encourage Healthy Snacking

When we made the decision to start eating more real food I received lots of wise advice including the suggestion to start the “never-ending” fruit bowl. I keep it in a handy location that puts a quick snack at our fingertips. A $15 investment each week for my family of 6 continues to pay back as it satisfies our hunger while often-not always-decreases the urge to keep on snacking. For us-it’s been a simple step to success.
As I’ve engaged in discussions about food access and health I’ve overheard variations of this same conversation over and over again, “I can’t buy a bag of apples because my kids will eat them all up in a day or two” or “No, you don’t like fruits or vegetables so I’m not going to waste my money on them”. We do not seem to apply this same monetary criticism or negative assumptions to our boxed, bagged, or bottled choices.
Why not?
Applying these observations to the acknowledgment that food companies invest huge sums of money into branding I can’t help but believe that we have been programmed-slowly over time-to-value packaged food over fresh food. So let’s all STOP for just a moment and say, “I will determine the value of my food choices. I will pay attention to the foods that satisfy my family. I will balance the budget by replacing a few bad choices with something better. I will use the same creative marketing techniques as big corporations to win back our health.”

Here’s a list of healthy snacks I keep in arms length:




Hard boiled eggs

Epic Bars

Sliced Cheese

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