5 Reasons to Join a CSA

1.  Half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables.  Think about where your food dollars go.  If 50% is not going to fruits and vegetables then joining a CSA can help you make that happen each and every week!

2.  Our bodies are designed to eat seasonally.  Cool season vegetables in the spring and fall, root vegetables and preserved foods in the winter, and tomatoes, melons and squash in the summer.  Joining a CSA ensures you are eating what the local farmer can grow.

3.  Our bodies need a variety of fruits and vegetables in order to get the nutrition and antioxidants our body needs.  The more toxins in your environment the more fruits and vegetables you should be eating.

4.  We should be eating less Corn, Soy & Wheat.  The simplest way to do that is to buy your food from a farmer who is growing dozens of different vegetables.  We grow over 100 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs on our small two acre farm.  *The average American eats 1500 pounds of corn a year (hidden in processed foods), 10 % of their diet comes from soy and wheat is found in more than half of their food choices.

5.  When you join a CSA you are making a commitment to a farmer and the land.  You are saying that you will allocate your time and dollars to something that is good for you, your farm family, the community and the earth.

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