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Need More Acres Farm

Need More Acres isn’t your traditional family farm. The Howell family has been defying odds and breaking norms since 2002. Michelle and Nathan took their promising careers in Agriculture and did something totally radical: they gave it all up to actually farm the land. And so Need More Acres was born—two acres that was part farm, part community hub, all heart. Time has brought many changes, from the founding of Community Farmers Market in Bowling Green to more acres and an old farmhouse in Halfway, Kentucky. The thing that hasn’t changed is the Howell’s commitment to feeding people well, both with good food and with the simple act of being a good neighbor to friends near and far. 

About Nathan

Nathan was a born farmer, paying his way through a degree at Western Kentucky University with tobacco money. After graduating, he worked to help tobacco farmers transition to vegetable production, but the pull he felt to to the land kept calling him back to farming. He felt that the most important way he could help other farmers was to become one himself.  Education and mentorship is at the heart of Nathan’s day to day work.

About Michelle

Michelle was raised by a single mom with limited access to fresh foods, but was inspired by the experience she witnessed between people and food while working at a local orchard. That transformative experience led her to a degree at WKU in Agriculture and a lifetime spent building community around local food and the real change it can bring to families and beyond.  She believes that everyone deserves fresh food, and is committed to using the assets of her farm to make that possible for as many Kentuckians as possible.

About Carter

In the summer of 2020, at 17 years old, Carter made the decision to become a full-time farmer.  Building on the knowledge he has gained from his parents and homeschool tutors, he started a year-round CSA and sells every Tuesday at Community Farmers Market.  He is committed to providing fresh food accessibility to supplemental nutrition program benefits and consumers from the international center.  Carter also loves fishing, hunting, basketball, and spending time with his girlfriend, Christine.

About Elizabeth, 15

Never say never.  While Elizabeth has always said that she can’t cook, it’s exactly where she’s found her strength—preparing medically tailored meals for clients at HOTEL INC.  A driven leader, she is excellent at organizing events and special projects, and puts those skills into action on staff at Barefoot Republic Camp in the summer months.

About Lilah, 12

Lilah started practicing her cooking skills at 2 years old, making breakfast for the family.  At 9 years old, she started her first business, Lilah’s Lunch Box, at Community Farmers Market.  When not cooking or baking, Lilah is spending time with one of the many animals on the farm.

About Adaline, 11

Adaline’s skills building relationships has helped our entire family value the emotional labor she invests on the farm.  While the rest of us are often tired after a morning harvesting or selling at market—Adaline is always ready to meet a new friend, and always remembers important things they have told her.

About Sterling, 5

Sterling, aka Tractor Boy, loves tractor rides, Legos, spending time at his Granny’s, and YouTube videos.  He’s never met a stranger, and will talk your ear off about animals, nature, and food.