Advent Week One {Hope for Motherhood}

As soon as another difficult thing hits the news feed my mind immediately goes to fixing the current problem. I begin to ask myself, “How can we take control of this hard thing or use our power and influence to stop that terrifying thing?” Then, when those feelings and emotions begin to subside, I begin to ask myself questions that take me all the way back to root causes that may have lead to the hurt of the individual at first and then the community.

This process brings me back to the most basic needs all humans share in common at birth. To be born, fed, and nurtured in the ways our creator intended must matter in some significant way.
How can we reimagine our most basic needs in such a way that puts dignity back into the hands of the individual? I’m certain that it is worth-at the very least-more of my time and attention. During this season of advent I’m more aware of the necessity of Mary in the message.

While I’m not naive enough to believe that this is the only way for social change or should in any way become a priority over the reality of current personal stories I do believe that when nothing else makes sense it may be time to reconnect to what has been made insignificant and what seems to so many irrelevant.

I’ve witnessed the generational shift that takes place when a woman has recognized the power waiting for her by creating better habits for the body, mind and soul. I’m convinced that carefully hidden in all of this are answers with HOPE for the future waiting to be found.