Eating Fresh Berries {with tips for kids}


~Add them to your Green Smoothies or yogurt!
~Cook them down with a little honey or other natural sweetener for a delicious sauce or glaze.
~Freeze them to be used later in your smoothies or baking.
~Dehydrate them for use in granola and cereal.
~And our favorite way…fresh picked berries from our farmers market!  We rarely get home with many left over!

Tips for Kids & Picky Eaters
*Introduce berries and other fruits before they eat or drink anything with white sugar (this includes juice, candy, gum etc). 

*As they take the first bite ask them questions about the fruit.  What color are they, how do they taste, are they juicy.  This gets kids thinking about flavor and experience rather than simply sweetness.
*For that really picky eater who needs some incentive…have a contest to see who can get a purple tongue first!