February 18

On this first day of lent I’m really focusing on following God rather than strict rules or regimens.  I’m realizing how free I am in some ways while being completely dependent on the approval and suggestions from others in other ways.  For example, I just finished the best 30 days of yoga program.  I am so thankful I found this program and it’s been very, very good for me.  On the last day the instructor suggested just “doing your own thing” which made me feel very uncomfortable-in a surprising way.  What I loved about her program is that she was so flexible and suggested “finding what feels good” along the way.  I’ve decided that now that the program is over I’m going to replay day 30 the “do your own thing” every day during lent.

I’m also going to be more aware of what God is calling me to do or not do.  That said, I may or may not do or not do certain things for the entirety of lent.  One example is that for today I felt God leading me not to post to my personal Facebook page and to spend less time “checking in”.  I do not feel God calling me to leave Facebook entirely, but I do realize that I need to take a good, long hard look at how and why I am using it.  There have been other things happening in my life over the last couple of days that demand careful concentration and contemplation rather than quickly sharing or passing them off to others quickly.

We are supposed to hit a record low tonight.  We feel really good about having worked the last few days to prepare and Nathan was able to rest throughout the day so that he is ready for staying up and alternating heat in the tunnels throughout the night.  Not the most efficient system, but it’s what we have to work with right now.  Our farm friends from Community Farmers Market who are able to get into town are working hard to clear the parking lot and sidewalks.  It’s so rewarding being surrounded by hard working, thoughtful people.  Our friends who own a local restaurant spent the day delivering good food to people without transportation and in need throughout the community.  While not focused on sharing what is happening in my own life I saw and read lots of acts of kindness today.  It seems that the record snow and cold temperatures were just what this community needed.