February 2

I oftentimes alternate between reading lots of books at the same time and writing.  Right now I’m in the midst of several excellent books and I just love to soak up the wisdom and unique ideas in there.  There are times when I read a sentence or paragraph and think this is thoughtful that I hope I’ll remember where I read it.  That being so I thought I would start keeping up with those quotes here in this space where I write.

“Having both material presence and symbolic charge, food now figures prominently in struggles for power, negotiations about policy, possibilities for partnership, and new and renewed expressions of pleasure and identity.”  Remaking the North American Food System

“Achievement brings its own anticlimax. Nowhere is this truer than in the lives of women, and especially those of lower means as they seek accomplishment in the face of adversity and prominence in the face of marginalization.”  Maya Angelou

“Especially in the lean years of the Depression, we lived on vegetables, and it kept us plenty strong and healthy for all the hard work on hand.”  Clara’s Kitchen, Clara Cannucciari

“It is a strange and wonderful thing, the numbers of radical groups, the various aspects of a movement, the lack of cohesion among them all.”  The Long Loneliness, Dorothy Day

“Everyone loves the idea of justice until there is a cost.  Ironically, justice is never convenient, and there is always a cost.  This is why we often like “doing justice” right up to the point at which it provokes an act of sacrifice, forcing us to change the way we live or change the way we think.”  Overrated, Eugene Cho