February 21

With the snow we have experienced quite the week here at Hickory Lane Farm.  With the impending snow coming near we did everything we could to prepare the high tunnels, storage crops, etc.  When the snow started Nathan spent an entire evening and day keeping snow knocked off-just in case.  Last year, one of our friends lost two tunnels due to collapse from heavy snow fall (and it was less than we were expecting this year) so we wanted to be extra cautious.  The rest of the week was filled with hourly visits outdoors to make sure the temporary heat we were using was operational, moving snow, working on equipment, and today-dealing with flooding issues here in the house.  

Carter had gone to visit his grandpa in Hart county right before the snow came and ended up staying an extra week.  Needless to say we were all happy to have him home.  The Rolett’s had come to stay the night so that they could help keep an eye on the tunnel and little Avery was so excited to see Carter return home.  There’s just something that sets things right when everyone is where they should be-under one roof.

Another memorable moment from this winter storm was when Adaline caught on fire-yes, on fire.  It’s a moment I’ll never forget and never want to relive.  We were going about the house cleaning up, preparing for Carter to return and cooking up food.  The gas fireplace in the kitchen was going-which is a very normal thing around here-and we all take turns standing in front of it to keep warm.  Adaline who had been wearing one of her sisters dresses must have not realized how long it was and/or leaned back into the fire.  I cannot tell you why I was going into the kitchen (or maybe my instincts just told me to), but what I saw was the most horrific image.  Adaline was on fire.  I could see the flames coming above the countertop and she was running back and forth.  Now I understand the stop, drop, and roll mantra from elementary school.  That was not her instinct that is for sure.  I had to chase her down as she tried to run from the fire only making it larger.  I caught her, brought her to the ground, patted out the fire and went to give her a hug only to find the flames returning just as intensely.  This time I just held her close and choked out the fire with my hands-burning the tips of my fingers.

Thankfully, she only suffered mild to moderate burns and she is recovering very well.  Once again I’m thankful for my friend Jordan’s calm personality and the sage advice of my midwife who had us treating her well within minutes.  Being snowed in and unable to get out left me thinking about what would have happened had it been worse.  I’ve wondered several times today, “Do accidents happen in order to keep our instincts more aware and acute?  To bring us back to what is important and thank God for what we’ve been given?”  I think so.  On the heels of wondering if I’m getting things right as a mom I’m reminded that I can’t control everything, but when up against the fire-I’ll do anything and everything to protect my children-every single time.

We keep joking about how our very first year here on the new farm may just be the most memorable.  And now we’ll be saying, “Remember the day Adaline caught on fire?”