Fruit Flies {the story of their capture & defeat}

If you have a lot of fruit in your kitchen then you probably get to experience fruit flies this time of year.  Bananas and peaches seem to be the two biggest culprits around here.  It’s frustrating and until this year I let them win!  But not anymore.  A friend of mine shared this great tip with me and you have no idea how excited I am that it works.

In a mason jar or glass fill the bottom with apple cider vinegar and a small piece of fruit (banana and peaches work great).  Roll up a piece of paper into a cone shape with a small opening at the bottom and place in jar.  Place near the swarming, aggravating, annoying, troublesome fruit flies and watch them fly down into their fateful demise.  Can you sense how much they “bug” me?

You can tape the paper in place so that interested kids don’t let them free!  Place the jar in the freezer to ensure that they are truly captured and executed.

Then…with much joy, feel free to bring in as many fruits and vegetables as you would like!  Canning tomatoes just got much more pleasant!