Integrating motherhood for more peaceful communities

To truly value motherhood is to accept the new limitations put on women as they are physically, spiritually & mentally pushed in new ways raising a baby through childhood and into adulthood.  Mothers become limited of extra time, find themselves constantly distracted, their conversations are broken, and yes-the occasional absent mindedness becomes her new normal.  While accepting these limitations with thoughtfulness and consideration is a great place to begin-offering her space to work through them on her own can be helpful at best, and excruciatingly isolating at worst.  These changes to her mind and spirit are intended with purpose for a stronger connection to her child, but there is more to her as a woman than just “mother”.

We can stand to be more open to what these changes (challenges) in motherhood are doing to build wisdom and insight within her.  Similar to any challenging experience in life, but with the value of personhood attached to the hip.  May we even take the time to pursue her, invite her, engage her, communicate with her, even develop systems that welcome her to participate.  What if more mothers were encouraged to deeply participate within their community while engaging their children at the same exact time.  Imagine a baby at breast while a mom sits in a board meeting, a child standing alongside mom while she presents to a room full of professionals, children at the feet of a mother who discusses financial opportunities, children in the field harvesting at the kind direction of their mother, a mother sharing her beliefs about all the big things like God and society and equality with her children right there listening and knowing that this is normal-this is right.  How might we mothers be different, how might our children see new opportunities, how might everyone experience something valuable?

Suppose that the very wisdom and insight that the community around her is so desperately looking for is exactly what is welling up inside her.  What if she is simply waiting for her purpose to be inclusive of raising her children, but not at the exclusion of contributing to the world around her.  What if all the hurts, struggles, and upside down ways that society is battling becomes the very things her children are working away at inside of her?  What if she is the key to resolution and peace?  As we choose to be inclusive of the mothers among us may we also find deeper levels of sacrifice, connection, and truth that have been missing for some time from the communities we live among.  When we consider the mother may we also consider the next generation and all that we should be hopeful for.

Farming has become the perfect occupation for integrating community contribution into my work as mother.  I’m thankful that as I offer to take on the burden or work of another that they are willing to take on moments of care for my children.  This seems right.  I’m hopeful that I can help work through other ways that we may create new pathways of balance for mothers.