January 15

I’m overcoming the fear I’ve had of letter writing this week and I just had a break through as I wrote these words to my fellow co-workers and mama’s of over four years on BabyNet:

“This will be my last post as an admin here on BabyNet. I want to take a moment to thank each of you for allowing me-“just a mom”-to provide leadership, organization, and support here online and in person over the last four years. I created this Facebook group for a collaboration of professionals (established in 2006) who were seeking to educate our local community of parents on the latest evidence based information for birth & breastfeeding-social media seemed to be a creative solution. Never could we have imagined the need that we would humbly fill over the next few years (or how difficult that would be). My efforts were always meant to be as inclusive and encouraging as possible while offering honesty and purpose to the process of parenthood. This place has been a great teacher for me and I am a better person because of it. I will forever be grateful to each of you who believed in me-and know that I’ve always believed in the unique path that was meant for each of you. Thank you to Dana O’Meallie Bennett for your gracious acceptance and to Mary Duke for your thoughtful willingness to step in for me now and in the future. I know that together they will serve you in amazing ways.
Motherhood is a journey…may yours be full of courage. ~Michelle”

Carter took the following two photos of me (both when I had no idea-I must have really been in deep thought).  The first after my very first “Birth/Baby” event almost five years ago and the second just the other evening as we went outside for some time time to walk and listen.  I’m thankful my children get to observe me growing up just as much as I witness it in them.  I’ve had a few people recently reach out to me to ask if I’m okay.  I think it’s because I’m visibly expressing my need to slow down, reflect, grow in my faith and connect to what is around me.  It’s a time to be okay with failing well-something I’ll write about shortly.  Letting go is hard, but oftentimes necessary.  I’m thankful for this time and for the opportunity it creates before me.  Because of that I know I am more than okay-I’m strong, whole, and everything I’m meant to be.

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