January 20

Elizabeth is wanting more responsibility here on the farm.  Over the holidays I had come up with an idea that one of the kids might be able to sell natural decorations at the farmers market.  A few years ago before the full time farming thing happened I had quite a bit of success selling “Kentucky Moss” and had a hunch that the demand was still there.  I pitched the idea to Carter first who seemed not only unimpressed, but pretty adamant that it wasn’t a good idea.  Elizabeth jumped in and said, “I want to do it” and do it she did.  She gathered decorations for our table, asked for me to help her promote it via social media, took orders and in the end sold over $300 worth of goods.  Elizabeth learned that hard work, determination, a good plan and follow through can help you find success.  Carter learned that mama might just have a good idea every now and then.

We’re implementing work plans into the kids homeschool lessons.  Nathan is offering to hand the watermelon sales to the schools over to the kids. He originally offered it to Carter, but he didn’t feel like he could handle all of the responsibilities on his own.  He was quite mature in asking for a list of what he would be required to do before accepting the position.
-Call the school contact to ensure sales
-Select seed and place order
-Prepare the ground
-Have seeds started
-Lay plastic and irrigation
-Plant the plants
-Take care of plants
-Follow up with the schools
-Arrange delivery (hire a driver)

Together Carter and Elizabeth are splitting up the jobs based on their own skill sets.  It’s been great to watch them work together and then create value for what one another contributes.  We’ve been able to teach them that the one who arranges the sales and makes the phone calls is in no way less valuable than the one who breaks the ground and harvests the fruit.  What important lessons to be learned on a family farm.  While Carter already has increasingly new tasks to do on the farm Elizabeth has been spending a lot of time seeking out new opportunities for herself.  These are days that I am very thankful for the opportunity to teach the way we do and to prepare our children for the days ahead-no matter what they hold.