January 25

The beautiful, young, inspired, passionate farmers around me make me smile throughout the day.  Seriously-there is nothing like a group of young farmers who see how much the food system needs to change yet care about things like food access, social justice, community and strong family units.  So thankful my kids are growing up witnessing what’s it like to transition to adulthood with dignity, vulnerability and grace.

Another thing that I learned during my time in Nashville surrounded by amazing, wonderful women is that we often look over grief and anger.  Anytime we are passionate about something that ads value and dignity to our life and the life of others and then come up against those who are using their power and “bullying” to defeat that we will experience grief and anger.  What I experience over and over again is a sense of guilt for expressing my grief or anger.  I’m going to work on that.  I work too hard for the good of others to not allow myself a bit of time to grieve the evil and manipulation of those who are trying to tear down good.  What I won’t do is allow my grief and anger to turn into fear.  Rather I’ll use my grief and anger and turn it into more good, more encouragement, more creativity, more beauty, more love, more social justice