June 9th, 2015

The phone began vibrating and ringing and shining bright.  I looked around to see that it was still pitch black outside, but there it was-the phone-acting a fool.  I turned it off and noticed it read 4:30 am.  I rolled over in bed and put my arm around Nathan and whispered the dreaded words, “It’s time to get up”.  Today is the day we take the chickens to be processed.  It’s a bitter sweet day.  

Before Nathan was even dressed Elizabeth and Carter were up and ready to go out to help him.  I lay there assuming that there must have been some pre-negotiation about this situation to get the kids out of bed before day light and in such a good mood.  I asked Nathan if he wanted me to help, but he ensured me that he wanted me to stay in bed and “get some rest”.  While it’s Nathan’s role to get the chickens ready to be offered to our farm members it’s my responsibility to spend the day in meetings that focus on public health and opportunity.  I went back to bed.

When I woke up-after day light-they were already loaded and on the road.  My mind quickly went over the day:  teaching the kids some reading and writing, cleaning and organizing the bedroom, figuring out a better situation for the puppies, answering emails, attending meetings.  Most mornings I think that there is no way to get it all done, but somehow things either get done or simply fall away.  Thankful for the people in my life that give me grace for that.  I’m thankful for this life that might require three hours to accomplish something someone else could do in one, but that extra time is invested into allowing myself to be interrupted.  It can feel very inefficient at times, but only when I lose sight of how important the small, repetitive moments of my day become.

More than anyone Nathan reminds me of what it’s like to be fully present, in the moment.  To wake up each morning prepared to work hard-to get the job done no matter the physical cost.  While getting it done choose to be fully aware of the needs of those around us-a neighbor, a family member, a friend.  To focus on what someone else owes us or when our next break will be is simply a waste of time.  Time that could be invested in something more meaningful like true rest or simple joy.  Thankful that he’s modeled that to me and our children in such a loving way.