Pork Shoulder with onions & apples

I learned to brown my roasts before putting them in the crockpot from the Pioneer Woman.  In fact, many of the tips and ideas you can find on her blog remind me of what I find in the old world and appalachian cookbooks I’ve learned to love.

I do a lot of one pot layered meals around here especially in the winter.  It’s a great way to use up seconds and it allows me to double up on my time in the kitchen during breakfast and lunch-as I work on a few dinner steps at a time.

Chance of snow calls for comfort food around here. Nathan spends most of his time outside keeping animals watered, checking on the tunnels, and keeping things from freezing. I like to be prepared with warm food when he does come indoors. It’s also the time of year when stored crops must be used up. Plenty of onions and apples were put to use in the crockpot with a browned, sliced pork shoulder. I added in some nutritious bone broth and a little apple zinger for some kick.