{Thoughts on Courage}

We rarely talk about courage-especially when it’s our own. I  assume that’s because the raw, vulnerable truth behind what in fact defines courage.  

Courage:  mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty 

The sheer act of being courageous means that we are shedding light on the reality that someone else or a group of people have been acting out of fear, selfishness, or abusive power.  A courageous person doesn’t really want to call anyone out on all that-they’ve got too many other things to focus on.  Most importantly, they don’t want to be defined by calling other people out on their junk.  Courageous people have become experts at identifying the junk in their life-making them more likely to spot it in others.  Unfortunately-the act of courage often means a reaction of sorts from those who are choosing to be less courageous (ignoring their junk).  

I used to think that I wanted to be remembered for my passion related to food, birth and community.  But really-those are simply my personal interests.  Over time a desire has built up inside me to be known for my willingness to stay relevant to the big picture while shedding light on the truth.  Willing to look fear in the eye and choose courage no matter the cost.  Know when it’s time to rise up and when it’s time to bow out.  To overcome my own obstacles at the right time while remaining strong enough to help those around me.  Gather the gumption to name those obstacles one by one.

Obstacles that were not created by chance, but very intentionally placed right in the pathway of those always struggling and suffering.  Those trying to survive in the margins.  Those who are willing to show up and get the job done.  May I choose honesty, hard work, and diligence as my pathway to courage.  And-by God’s grace-may I have the courage to talk about it.