Want to receive a hand written letter from the farm?

I have a fear of mailboxes.  stamps.  envelopes.  letters.

The most fearful day of my life began when I was 5 years old and I found a letter tucked into an envelope with the blue tinted security lining.  It was the day that I went from living in a two parent home to one.  Later in life I opened a similar envelope that turned me into what I said I’d never become-a divorced woman.  I can still see both crinkled envelopes, feel and smell the paper.

Years later I know that those moments helped make me who I am today-however painful they were in the moment.  I’m offered grace and so are you.  Too often we attach fear to something that in a positive light can be powerfully liberating, rewarding, blessed.  I’ve been attending counseling over the last few months and through story telling, healing, connecting to God in a more authentic way and seeking more truth in life I finally feel strong enough to overcome some of my greatest fears.  Ironically (or as silly as it sounds) mail is one of those fears for me.  An apology to everyone I’ve made mail things for me in the past.

Earlier this summer I asked if  some of you would send me snail mail.  Many of you did and I’m thankful.  It brought great healing to my life.  If you are interested in doing that now I’ll offer our mailing address:

395 Hickory Lane
Scottsville, Kentucky

But now, stronger-I’d like to write you a letter.

Not just any letter, but a letter from the heart.

Everyone who leaves a comment on this blog post will receive a letter the week of January 12th 2015 written especially for them.  I’ll write it on real paper, put it in a real envelope, write your address on it myself, and then put a stamp that I purchase on it all by myself.  I’ll walk slowly to the mailbox questioning my decision, wonder what in the world I was thinking, and with shaking hands I’ll open the mailbox and drop it in, then after closing it I’ll take a deep breath and sigh knowing that something I’ve avoided for far too long wasn’t meant to be avoided forever.  I’ll thank you, dear friend.

Would you like me to write you a hand written letter full of deep and meaningful thoughts scattered amongst simple happenings from daily life on the farm?  If so, leave a comment below including contact information (either your mailing address or another form of contact).