Wishing Well 2015 in Review

Without a doubt the Wishing Well event that we host with Josh and Chelsey Poling, owners of HOME Cafe & Marketplace is my favorite event of the year.  Outside of our everyday lives here on the farm it’s the most real thing we do.  Thankful for the opportunities we’ve been given to follow our dreams we return that to provide a platform for three dreamers to share their story and a financial need.  The circle of community is widened as many of you come out to enjoy a meal, listen to their dreams, vote and then help us hand out cash to one winner.

What I love about it is that it’s reflective of the lives each of us have chosen.  We’re dreamers-that doesn’t get us rich and it most definitely means that we work harder than most.  In the stories you hear the heartache, obstacles, tired voices…but also the thankfulness, blessings, love.  More than anything I hope that those of you who are able to attend and also those who witness it through social media will be encouraged to follow your own dream-whatever that may be.

For something so real it’s odd that we connect with one another in such a meaningful way on social media.  I think that comes through a deep sense of creativity in dreamers partnered with this desire to connect with one another both before and after we’re together-live and in person.  When we experience one another through a visual experience the difficulties and beauty of our own everyday lives somehow seem more manageable, less special even-in a good way.  Thank you to each one of you for being part of our story.  #wishingwell2015

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