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Circle of Gifts

We invited a farmer “teacher” and his wife over for dinner to discuss new possibilities for local food in our community.   The farmer’s wife had

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Preserving Summer

My journey toward living more simply began with summers in Canada alongside my grandmother.   Hair pulled up, aprons on, we would roll out dough, gather

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The Heirloom Life

When I chose the title of this month’s article, I thought it would be fairly easy to describe what an heirloom life means to me. 

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Planting Seeds

A Note to the Farmer: I know that spring has come more quickly than before, and I can see it in your eyes –  The

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Nathan Howell

Work HistoryViticulture Technician Western Kentucky University 2011-Present Fruit and Vegetable Production (Home Farm) 2006-Present  Specializing in Heirloom Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Watermelons and CantaloupeFruit and Vegetable

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