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March 3

It takes having Lilah go with me to trainings and events to remember that just a few short years ago she was diagnosed with autism,

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February 27

The girls and I have this new ritual that we developed here at the farm, but we’ve been missing it the last few weeks because

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February 25

I started a big pot of simple chicken and vegetable soup this morning.  It’s really simple.  Boil a chicken covered in water for about an

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February 21

With the snow we have experienced quite the week here at Hickory Lane Farm.  With the impending snow coming near we did everything we could

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February 20

I went to bed last night wondering if my work matters-if I’m doing enough.  Questioning pretty much everything.  Am I a good enough mom?  Does

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February 18

On this first day of lent I’m really focusing on following God rather than strict rules or regimens.  I’m realizing how free I am in

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