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Michelle Howell

Work History Keeper of our Home, 2004-Present  Learning to be a wife, mother to four children, organized house keeper, and meal planner.  Committed to helping

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A Fresh Look at Food

I’ve postponed this post for as long as possible.  Not sure why it has been so hard to write.  Maybe because there have been so

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A {Local} Christmas

_ Local Farmers Many farmers are working to extend the growing season by preserving the summer’s harvest, planting cold weather crops, or using high tunnels

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The Doula Diaries

Doulas provide support even after babies are born.  Here is a photo of Melissa, Jen and Levi taken during a postpartum visit at the hospital.

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Real Food on a Budget

I’m not sure about you but trying to teach myself how to cook, clean and manage a household all while balancing what this world has

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